BlueJ documentation

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Reference and Tutorials

Please note that some of the written material is out-of-date. We are currently in the process of producing updated reference material.

Video Tutorials — provide helpful instruction on the basics of using BlueJ.

The BlueJ Tutorial (4.0, English PDF) — older versions are available in various other languages.

Unit testing

Unit testing in BlueJ (1.0, English PDF) — also available in various other languages.


BlueJ Git Tutorial — for BlueJ version 4+.

BlueJ Teamwork Tutorial (2.0, English PDF) — for Subversion and (for pre-BlueJ 4.0.0) CVS.

Repository Configuration Guide — covers CVS and Subversion.

Raspberry Pi

BlueJ Raspberry Pi tutorials - how to use the GPIO ports for hardware access.

BlueJ Extensions

BlueJ's functionality can be enhanced using a variety of available extensions.

Extensions Guide — how to find and install extensions.

Guide to Writing Extensions — write your own extension.

The Extensions API Reference.

FAQ and Technical Support

The FAQ — frequently asked questions. Problems commonly encountered when using BlueJ and how to solve them.

Bug Database — known bugs in BlueJ.

For problems not found in either of the above:

Support Request Form — ask for help if you have problems with BlueJ.

Research Papers

A number of journal and conference papers about BlueJ have been published. For details, see the publications page.